The Journey to Happiness


I always hated math class.  I mean, hated it with a passion.  I remember sitting at the table with homework and, with one particular teacher, knowing that I could get away with putting at least two question marks on problems I couldn’t figure out. I would save those babies and, when I had enough, drop ? on the line and move on. It was a way to avoid the problem, literally, and take the easy route.

When I was an undergrad at West Chester University, I attended a dynamic college ministry. The pastor made this statement one night and it stuck with me ever since.  After a call to accept Jesus he said, “It will be the most dangerous prayer you ever prayed.”


I had grown up with a conditional faith, with the idea that, if I tried hard enough, God would reward me. If I didn’t, God would watch with a cosmic clipboard checking off requirements until I met the standard for something good to happen in my life.

When I was saved, everything changed.

The bottom fell apart. I had health issues, faith issues, family issues and struggles. It was opening my eyes for the first time. God had started a work in me, a refinement towards an end result. He led me to meet the beauty who would be my wife. He gave me two wonderful children. He’s given me a family and all the ups and downs that come with it.

The key is to never forget that moment, that point when you make the choice to answer the calling in your spirit, to reach out towards your creator, to serve and make a difference in the world around you.

To know GRACE and that conditions no longer apply.

As you start this week, know that God has a plan for your life, professionally and personally. Know that he loves you and has an end result customized to let you experience full joy in him.

So tonight marks the first step in the journey of p356 Creative Services, and my movement to serve Christian businesses, churches, and individuals around the world. Join me and we’ll take the walk together.