A New Year

Today, July 3rd, is my birthday. I always take stock on these days, look around me, and think about the year that has passed. My son asked me this morning if he could open my gifts. I told him that he could and his eyes lit up. There is something about a birthday that makes the day special for kids and that feeling tends to fade as we grow older.  I met my wife when we were in high school and working at a grocery store.  I remember those years. I remember the parties I had as a child at my dad’s house swimming in his pool. I remember my youth, my teenage years, and my first years as a believer.

Music is a big part of my life. I can’t play an instrument but I love listening to a good song. I love writing with music and worship songs have always been a large part of my faith. David Crowder, the worship leader, was one of the first I discovered. Here is a lyric video from his newest album.

We had a chance to see him in concert. It was one week after the death of Kyle Lake, a pastor at his home church, who died during a service after being electrocuted in a baptismal pool while performing a baptism. Before the show started, he said that the goal of the night was to “get our feet off the ground, even if it was just an inch or two.”

That is the point of worship, however you choose to do it. That is the point of life when you face difficulty. Sometimes, when we break it down, our goal is to just get our feet off the ground, even if it is just an inch.

So this will be our year, the year for my writing, the launch for p356 Creative Services, the next step in our lives. We are in His hands and they will hold us up just as they will hold you and lift your feet off the ground.


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