The Last Word

Did you ever meet someone who just had to have the last word in any conversation? Maybe you have someone in your family like this. My oldest son is that way.  We can be telling him to do something and he’ll negotiate. If the negotiation does not go well (usually me saying, no you just need to do this) he’ll start adding in questions and phrases to make sure he is the last voice heard. I can keep going but I’ve learned to choose my battles wisely when dealing someone who has only been on this planet for five years.

In church this morning we sang a song titled The Last Word by Elevation Worship.  You can see their video below.

I love every lyric:

“Your word stands through the ages
Your voice shatters the darkness
In you we are more than conquerors
You speak strongholds surrender
Your name overcomes the enemy
In you we are more than conquerors”

There are times we can get caught in our circumstances. We try to move forward, to overcome an obstacle that seems to great, to fix a problem that seems the size of a mountain.

We know what it takes to move mountains.

We know that the last words belong to God, the beginning and the end, the light of the world that shatters the darkness. When fear sneaks in those moments, know that it does not have the last word.  When doubt nags at the back of your mind, when your past only offers pain and sorrow, know that it does not have the last word.  When you have nothing to pull from, know that you are not alone.

I believe we are here for a purpose.  Have you experienced a moment where the clouds were ripped away and divinity injected itself into your life like a bolt of lightning? Maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. Maybe it was the moment your new baby held your hand or you laughed with a friend over coffee. I believe that God has the last word, that good will win, that strongholds will surrender and that, in him, we are more than conquerors. So, as you go forward, remember who walks with you. He can change your life in an instant and your reality will never be the same.


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