To Have and Have Not

I spent almost five years working in an investment company.  During my time there, I was on a few different teams.  We serviced a range of clients.  One of my jobs consisted of scanning in trust documents for the Wealth Network. In case you aren’t familiar with living trusts, a family can set aside a large amount of money for their future generations.  They can set standards for the money to be inherited, things like “Joey must pass monthly drug tests and remain clean for two years.” These families would attach pictures of their many homes, cars, and assets so we could have them on file if need came to disburse some of the trust money.

After a while in that role, I switched to the team that handled hedge funds.  I was the point of contact for six funds and their investments. We had to process the monthly wires into the fund and the market.  I remember, one afternoon, holding a sheet of paper (a wire to a bank)  in my hand for $31 million dollars.  I looked at the paper, the row of zeroes, and marveled at the importance of the things behind those numbers.23292We live in a culture that is searching for meaning. The search leads people to different ways of filling the brokenness in their lives and, make no mistake, we are all broken at some level. Some pick up the bottle, others the pills or pornography. I had a professor who was a clinical psychologist.  He told us a story one day that he had a patient who always dated abusive men.  She said to him, “put me in a stadium of men and I’ll find the one who will hit me.”  He had another who sat across from him with multiple facial fractures and told him it was her fault, that she deserved what her husband had done to her. Some people are victimized in their brokenness.

We are all searching. We all need hope.

I believe that making the choice to follow Jesus is the most dangerous thing you can do with your life.  God has your calling and, when you buy in, he will take you down to zero to refine you for the future.  He burns away the scars to reveal the material he can use. The disciples were all martyred for their faith.  They were pulled from their jobs and roles in society, shown a three-year window into living with the Son of God, and were never the same again.

Imagine for a second: The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and those afflicted with spiritual oppression are set free.  What was it like, listening to the Sermon on the Mount? To watch this man you spend every moment with live his life and set fire to the world?

Things today aren’t that much different. When you sit at work tomorrow, look to your left and right. Those people are searching.  They are searching for hope. They want that one thing they can rely on for security. They may be rich or poor, single or in families. They may sit next to you at church on the holidays. Every second of silence is a missed chance.

You want to see your spiritual life jump to the next level? Have that conversation. Make a difference in the eternal life of that person God has placed next to you. Every movement starts with a spark and you are that next person ready to change the world.  He tells us to go forth and make disciples of all the nations. There’s your answer. That is fulfillment. That is joy greater than any amount of zeroes on a paycheck.

So, how will you respond?


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