Thoughts On the Road

I’m writing this post from our hotel room in Mystic, Connecticut.  We survived the trip and found everything successfully.  This morning we drove up to Newport, Rhode Island and spent some time on the beach and walking Cliff Walk.  As we crossed the bridge, the sign to Newport mentions that it was founded in 1637. That blows my mind.  They just passed their 375th anniversary. I stood on the beach imagining people from a hundred years before the American Revolution, an entire generation living and dying while the place was still a British colony.

We all have connections to the past and, I believe, certain locations. I love the south.  I love Cajun food and my dream is to get to New Orleans for a vacation. I feel like a thread of my soul runs down south. I love worship music with a hint of the blues like this song below off of David Crowder’s new album:

I love the chorus:

“If you’re lost and wondering, come stumbling in like a prodigal child. Feel the walls start crumbling, let the gates of Glory open wide.”

Those words have stuck with me recently.  We all get off the path, wondering on our own accord.  We build our walls and the only way to break them down is through God’s grace and glory. These are points God is driving home into my head.  I’m getting more responses for Overcome, lining up more interviews and preparing my pen to capture the hearts of those fighting to make Reading a better city. Next week I’ll be visiting the Hope Rescue Mission and I’m excited for the chance to volunteer and learn more about what it does and who it serves on a daily basis.

Today I watched Carter and Aiden play on the beach and swim in the hotel pool.  They are getting so big so fast and I just want to grab the moments and never let them go. I want them to know they can always come home, no matter how lost they get. I want them to know it is important to serve and live with a giving heart. There are so many things I want to pass on and that is why I write, to open myself up in words that will hang around for them and future generations.  Maybe, 375 years after Overcome is released, some guy will check it out of a library (digitally of course) and marvel at our past.

So tomorrow morning I have my graduate presentation. Tomorrow night I have my reading, and Friday will be the day. I’m past worrying about the presentation or reading. This is go time, the time where you just move forward.  I’ll get up early tomorrow, throw on my shirt and tie, gather my materials, and drive out to the island. This is life with a sense of purpose, something I had missed for a long time and am blessed to find. The clouds are clearing. The walls are crumbling. The gates are opening and I’m excited to see what is to come.



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