Guardians of the Galaxy

I’m a fan of the current push to make movies based on comic book characters. I loved every effort at X Men that has been attempted. I grew up watching the cartoons on Saturday mornings. As a society we treasure the idea of being different, of having powers that help to overcome our challenges. As kids we pretend to fly and fight the bad guys.  One of the most recent movies released is Guardians of the Galaxy starring Chris Pratt. Pratt is married to actress Anna Ferris. The couple had a baby boy born nine weeks premature.  He spent a month in the NICU and Pratt recently talked about how this reinforced his faith in God.  You can read the article here:


I can identify with his feelings.  Both of our sons were in the NICU.  Carter had an infection and Aiden had fluid in his lungs. When the nurses tell you they have your child in an Intensive Care bed your heart sinks. You go and visit, washing your hands and disinfecting. You look down at the small body and tell yourself that other parents don’t have to go through it. You spent months picturing the delivery and having your baby in the room with you and now it isn’t happening that way.  Both our boys recovered and are as healthy and crazy as they should be.

Suffering can either draw us towards or pull us away from God. In Scripture, Paul asks God to remove his suffering but realizes he must persist.  In the Garden, Jesus asks if his suffering can be taken from him but, he states, that his Father’s will be done.  We can learn from their examples. Keep moving. Keep living and know that you will be pulled out stronger and better than before.



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