When the Laughter Stops

Yesterday we had a great day, a powerful time of worship at church, and a fun evening with friends.  Today was brutal.  It was a typical Monday dealing with the issues of work and life. I came home and told Val that the hardest thing is to get so refreshed on Sunday and dive back into the grind for the week. If only we could hold it over. We try our best, stay in the Word, pray, listen to worship music, and spend time with God.  Our struggles continue and our worship must follow.

This evening the news broke that Robin Williams was found dead in an apparent suicide.  According to the press, the comedian was struggling with depression and relapse of his addictions.  He was married and left behind children. It is sad to see the loss of an actor responsible for so many amazing roles.  He spent a career making people laugh and, behind the jokes, battled his own demons.

One of the hardest things I ever had to see while working in the emergency room was the suicides. In the two years I spent there, more than one came through. You would find out the details and my heart always broke for the families. Suicide is not a victimless crime and mental illness is very real. If you or someone else you know is dealing with depression, reach out for help. Go to a hospital or doctor, stop in a church and talk with clergy. Tell a family member or friend.  There is always a reason to fight.

I believe, even in our struggles, that help is coming. Through the night we keep our eyes upward and know that the sun will rise in the morning. Robin Williams had a gift to make people laugh and he did so through his own darkness. I pray his family can find some peace.

We’ll miss you Robin Williams. You played a huge part in all of our childhoods.


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