The Secret to Getting Rich

I love to write.  I love writers.  In my time at Fairfield University, I made many friends and had mentors who are some of the most skilled writers I know.  I believe in the power of the written word.  On many evenings, during the residencies, people would sit and talk about the big contract, Oprah’s book list, and seeing our work on the shelves at Barnes and Noble or downloaded in the nearest Kindle.

It took one phone call to change my opinion.

Last winter, I had a forty-five minute conversation with a literary agent while in my hotel room during a snow-dusted winter’s night.  He started off telling me that he was going to offend me.  That’s a great way to lead into a conversation.

Can you imagine how it went?

After pointing out all the work I had to do and my lack of skill, he ended the call.  I hung up and laid on the bed.  I looked at the ceiling and wondered what the hell I was doing.  Who did I think I was trying to see this through?

Why did I want to be a writer?


In the pages of Manhood, Terry Crews talks about getting cut by multiple NFL teams and how he had to learn about the coldness of the business.  Last night I read a line that has stuck in my head.  He said that, during his struggles to build a NFL career, he learned a key life lesson:

Never make a decision based on money.

Think about that for a second.  How many minutes of the day do you think about money? How many seconds? The stack of bills can feel like a mountain. The calls from creditors can seem unending. The money is never enough.

So how is his challenge even possible?

  • Consider the bigger picture- What does your choice mean for you and the ones you love? Considering a job change, a new purchase, a big decision? Think about who you are doing it for and how it will change your life.
  • Know God’s Promises– Consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.  Jesus told us how they are provided for and how much more important we are.  Pray God’s promises in your life. No, he’s not a slot machine. Yes, he will provide. He knows your needs.  Have faith, even when it is a challenge.
  • Give- Needs are all around us. We know about tithing but also look in your community. Search online for charities. Talk to your friends. Jesus told a rich man to sell all his possessions. To quote a bad cliché, there’s no hearse with a U-Haul behind it.

I’m taking all three of these to heart with Overcome, the first book from P356. I’ve partnered with Berks Coalition to End Homelessness and I’ll have some exciting information coming soon about the new goals for this book and how the Coalition will use all profits earned from publication to make a difference for local families.

P356 is growing and the foundation of this growth is writing to fight the battle against poverty. Stories are activism. They can and they will make a difference.

That is why I write.

Can you imagine never making a choice based on money?

With God, all things are possible.