Picks of the Week- 10/6/2014

Scripture: “Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” Isiah 26:4

The verse of the day on Bible Gateway, a great site for Scripture and study. In these days of uncertainty, we must hold fast to the Rock Eternal.

Reading Materials: Change This

Change This is a website of manifestos surrounding current topics  impacting society today.  You can easily spend hours reading challenging and inspiring material.

Family Activity: Tag

We visited the playground tonight and finished our time with a game of tag. Nothing better than a simple game and the laughter of children to finish out a cool fall night.

Marriage Activity: Live Music

Not all great concerts come with traffic, expensive parking, and bad seats.  Check the news for live music on the weekends. Go and support your local artists who are making the rounds before their big breaks.  I used to work with a guy who was from Ireland. He told me, more than once, he had seen U2 in a bar before they made it big. You could add a similar story to the books of your marriage.

Val’s Style Pick of the Week:


From Redken: “Color captivating care for color-addicted hair. Color Extend Magnetics are a line of hair color protection products that capture salon-fresh vibrancy with next generation hair color care technology. Redken’s exclusive IPN and Charge-Attract Complex deliver charged amino-ions that are attracted to the hair fiber to help seal in color. Color Extend Magnetics products make sure hair color is secured with maximum vibrancy and alluring shine.”

Val’s Bag of the Week:





One of four Metro Bags available for 50% off after a $35.00 purchase. You can find other specials for October and the entire new catalog for the month at Val’s personal Thirty-One site.

Soundtrack Inspiration: Go- Hillsong United Miami Live

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