Feel Good Friday- 10/24/2014


This week we watched the aftermath of the shooting in Ottawa, Canada. A young man shot and killed Cpt. Nathan Cirillo, a soldier guarding the War Memorial, before running to Parliament.  He was confronted by a guard at Parliament, shot the guard in the foot after a struggle, and almost made it to the rooms housing the politicians.  Kevin Vickers, Sergeant at Arms, retrieved a pistol from a lock box in his office and exchanged fire with the man, killing him in the end.

The comic above was drawn by Bruce MacKinnon and published in the Chronicle Herald.  It shows the soldiers from the memorial comforting Cirillo and pulling him up to join them. You can find an article about it here. Every time I see the image, it gives me chills.  You can also find the clip online of Vickers entering the House of Commons the day after the shooting and receiving a five-minute standing ovation.

In moments of horror, we can find heroes.  Many men like Cirillo died serving their country and many others like Vickers stepped up to fight the carnage.  Both are heroes and should be recognized for their actions. Images carry power and this comic is a fine example of one.

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