Hitting the Reset Button

A coworker has gotten me into the world of online gaming.  Now, I had the systems most of us had growing up, the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, and PlayStation 2 chronologically.  Those gave way to cell phone games and eventually a Wii for Carter.  One day my friend told me about this game called The Secret World.


You create a character and go into these worlds to fight the bad guys and gain points to advance your character.  The worlds are deep, immersive, and engaging. Every time you die you resurrect at different points in the game.

Every death is a new start.

I’m still working my way through The Artisan Soul by Erwin McManus. The chapter I was reading last night talked about the legacies we leave behind.  Everything we do creates a legacy. When we imagine our dreams and chase them with our actions.  We are called to better lives and operate on higher levels by a creator who knew us before we were born. Every day is an opportunity to live our dreams.

I struggle with this as a father and husband. I have this idealized image of our family, marriage, house, jobs, etc.  I have this self out there waiting for me to catch up. He’s more secure, in better shape, established and moving confidently into the future.  The battle is to keep moving. The fight is one step at the time.  The goal is the dream and the pathway is creation.

The journey includes death.  It includes denying the self, turning away from bad habits, toxic thoughts, and inherited issues. It takes breaking away from the past, learning from it, and looking forward.

The sun always comes up tomorrow.  This is a sentence I’ve repeated to myself many times over the years.  The sun comes up tomorrow.

Now what will you do with it?


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