A Walk to Remember

This video started making the rounds online this week:

The clip is a compilation of ten hours of walking the streets of New York City.  The woman in the video received over a hundred catcalls and even threats of rape online.  You can read an article about it here. Her clothing was not revealing. Her manner not engaging or provocative in any way. She was a woman walking down the street and getting harassed at an average of ten unwanted verbal comments an hour.

The entire clip is uncomfortable as the comments span from a simple “good morning,” to a more disturbing set of people following her and demanding a reaction.

So, for the ladies out there, here’s a catcall from me:

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that there are men in the world who are stupid enough to infringe on your public and private space with their lame attempts at validation.

I’m sorry that there are men who have no idea how to respect a woman.

I’m sorry that little boys watch these men and grow up with tarnished images of love, respect, conversation, and how to treat women in their families and lives.

As a father with two sons of my own, I’ll make you a promise.  I’ll do everything I can to be sure they are gentlemen, they hold doors and pull out chairs. They open car doors and meet parents and shake hands with fathers. They know that love is a partnership on even terms and, on no level, does being a man make you any better than your partner.

I’ll do my best.

And maybe, one day, you can walk down a sidewalk in peace.


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