A Drunk Walk to Remember

The internet has grabbed onto a new trend at the moment.  The Woman Walking in New York video drew a massive amount of views and started valuable discussions about the ways women are treated in public spaces. Responses spanned from support to threats of violence (oh how easy it is to make threats in a comment thread). It looks like we aren’t finished as I read about this today:

The gist of it is an actress, pretending to be intoxicated, approaches men in Hollywood looking for help to get home. As you can imagine, her inquiries were met with interesting results. Yahoo posted an article about it here. The men filmed were ready to help her get back to their houses for more beer. A majority of them even approached her first to offer their “help.”

Let the bell ring for Round 2 in the fight against “men.”

A few things to remember:

1/A Youtube video does not represent the entire male population.  Both short clips were filmed in urban environments, one on each coast. They were edited and formatted for maximum result and, yes, they were powerful.

2/ It is a real and true reality that women face this kind of stuff on a daily basis.  For every guy who has moved past the caveman mentality, there are ten others stuck there.  They can be a product of their environment, family, or even outside influences.  Not every guy is grown up just because he’s left the teen years. Women have a right to not be harassed, to walk down the street without catcalls, to ask for help and get it without secondary motives.

3/ Every conversation is an exchange of power.  I’m married to a woman I love deeply. When we talk, we can read the levels under our discussion. I know when she’s angry, when I fail, when she needs something.  We give and take. The issue is impulse control, psychological filters, and respect.  Too often, men think with something other than their heads or their hearts, and this can get many of us in trouble.

As a father, husband, and believer, I find myself reacting with a mix of disgust and hope.  If anything, hopefully the conversation started from these videos will raise some awareness and create second-thoughts before open mouths. I look at my boys and pray I can raise them to offer help to any woman who asks without anterior motives, to be gentlemen and genuinely nice. I think of my wife, of the women in my family and friends who have ever had to deal with this treatment and I’m sorry.  None of you deserved it.

Maybe one day us guys will get this “man” thing right.    If only we had an instruction manual.  Oh, that’s right, we do.

“There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

Now if only we lived that way.

Soundtrack Inspiration: We are going to see Kristian Stanfill tomorrow night with friends.  I’m excited for some quality worship!



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