Giving Thanks For Ignition Moments

My dad spent twenty years working at Limerick Nuclear Generating Station.  Limerick is a town about an hour north of Philadelphia. The power plant was built the year I was born.  You could say that I grew up in the shadows of the twin cooling towers that constantly sent steam into the sky.

His job as an operator led to some great conversations as a kid and he has a number of great stories.  He worked twelve-hour shifts on day and night rotations.  One night, around three in the morning, he was monitoring a diesel engine that helped to operate one of the plant’s functions. He was in the room with the engine when a voice came over his radio.

It said that a large flame had shot from the exhaust on the roof of the building.  He had started to leave, stopped, and turned back to check it out.  Before he could clear the corner of a concrete wall just inside the entrance, the engine exploded.

The wall saved him from severe harm.  He was able to go home that night without any adverse effects.

Ignition moments are powerful.


I’ll never forget my college adviser telling me I wouldn’t be successful as a writer.  Deep down, the fire started.  I knew I would prove him wrong, even if it took a lifetime.

Tomorrow, as we give thanks with our families and friends, recognize and grasp your ignition moments.

Was it a conversation? A prayer? A story or an image?

What moment started you on your path today?  Every success has a beginning. Every great story has a first word. Every goal was an impression spoken into your soul from the outer reaches of Heaven.

As you think about these moments, share them with someone else.  Shared stories create movement.  You never know who needs to hear what you have to say.  Take a chance and see what happens.

Have a great Thanksgiving!


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