The Tipping Point

Malcom Gladwell writes some of the most interesting nonfiction books you’ll find on the market.  The first book of his I’d read was titled Blink, all about the science behind split-second cognition and how and why we think the way we do. He has a gift of taking research and breaking it down into terms easy to understand and digest.

He also wrote a book titled The Tipping Point. The concept behind a “tipping point,” is that one moment when an idea, product, or movement is embraced by the masses.  It is the moment something reaches viral status.  It is the catalyst for change, when you must do something.

We have these moments in our lives.  I had one today.


Photo Credit: edbadle via Compfight cc

You can be driven to your tipping point by positive and negative forces.  Our dreams and successes pull us forward into life changes.  Our stresses and fatigues push us to make a move. Fear is often the only thing holding us back and, believe me, fear works both ways.

Fear of success can be just as strong as fear of failure.

There are times we need to set hard end lines in life. We must embrace change, push ourselves forward into the journey and make a real move towards our end result.

There are times we are called out on the water. Today, as I drove home from work, that impression hit me clear as the ice that coated my car windshield. It is time to step out of the boat, to have an active and alive faith, to make a move towards total dependence on God and transforming P356 into a valid and living ministry.

I’m typing this listening to our neighbors fight while Carter and Aiden sleep in their rooms.  They deserve so much more.

So, if you are where I am tonight, know that you are not alone.  If you’ve debated that dream, pray about taking a step towards it. If you are too scared to face the storm, know that there is one who calms the waves.  He reaches out his hand is waiting for you to grasp it.

This is the first step.


Soundtrack Inspiration: Val’s favorite song.  I’ve posted it here before but it is so relevant to my feelings tonight.

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