The Pen and the Sword

Words change things. Look back through history and you’ll find mass cultural movements founded on the end of a pen, quill, or other writing device.  Authors have always worked to make their voices known.  Stories take shape into lives and the passing of generations.

Without Thomas Paine and Common Sense, we wouldn’t be discussing freedom of speech.

Then you have terrorists attacking a magazine in France over an offensive comic.  Multiple people killed and injured.

Over a comic.


Photo Credit: pigpogm via Compfight cc

As writers we are called to document our world and comment on the human condition. We use our words to add to the conversation. We stand with the artists who were martyred for their work today and with the artists who will pick up their pens tomorrow and keep drawing, creating their messages for the world.

One of the oldest sayings we throw around is that the pen is mightier than the sword. It is the truth. In the face of oppression, of fanatics willing to kill in their demented form of criticism, of a marginal group attempting to bully the world, the creation will continue.

Because somewhere today, a child is picking up a crayon and drawing a picture, planting the seed of the next great artist, tapping into the electric current of creativity they don’t even know they have.

Because tomorrow, another child will do the same.

Because the bad guys will never win.


2 thoughts on “The Pen and the Sword”

  1. This is so very true. Words and stories are powerful things, and they cannot be trivialized. This manifested itself in the recent tragedy in France, of course, as you referenced in the post. I also think it was played out on an international scale with the film “The Interview,” and the controversy surrounding that. Not to needlessly plug myself, but I wrote a post on that subject here:

    But I definitely agree with what you wrote here. Words are very powerful things.

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