Creating a Treasure

Last night, Val and I stayed at the General Warren Inn in Malvern, Pennsylvania. I had picked up a package that included dinner and breakfast with a room, and gave it to Val for a Christmas gift. In a busy life of routine and stress, it was a welcomed escape.

The General Warren Inn was founded in 1745. The building started as a carriage stop on the route from Philadelphia to Lancaster. British loyalists used it to hold planning meetings during the Revolution.  One of William Penn’s grandsons owned the building and passed it down through history.

Val and I looked at each other across our table, located next to one of the antique fireplaces, working on our grilled salmon and pork loin.  We talked about the past and the future as a waiter made bananas foster at an adjacent table, flames dancing up from his skillet. We ate a meal more expensive than any we’d had in a long time and enjoyed every moment.


Photo Credit: James Burrell via Compfight cc

We both acknowledged what our marriage was lacking.  We had lost ourselves in the boys, stress, finances, life, and the future.  We hadn’t spent enough time together and reconnecting. We missed dates on the calendar as goals, as end points, as dreams and positive experiences.

One of the most important things we can do in a relationship is to create our own treasure.  We must reward ourselves and our loved ones. This can be in the form of a night away, a date night dinner, or a movie. It can be sharing coffee after the kids go to bed.  Whatever you choose, make a point to focus and be with each other.

Don’t miss your chances. Even if the struggles continue, always have something to look towards and desire.  Put the work in and you will see the rewards.


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