What Guardians of the Galaxy Teaches About Faith

I apologize for being late to this show but, Friday night, I rented Guardians of the Galaxy and watched for the first time. I’m a fan of the comic-based movies out there and this one lived up to the hype.

It isn’t the normal superhero movie, in more ways than one, but Chris Pratt and his crew put together a fun ride.  In the midst of the movie, we can learn some important lessons about the nature of faith.


We All Lose Something- In the scene where the Guardians are seated in the ship preparing for the final battle, Pratt’s character Star-Lord says, “We’re all losers.” He clarifies the joke by saying, “We all lost something.”

This is a fact that we can too quickly forget. We’re a world of broken people searching for an answer.  The search can lead us down glorious, and dangerous, paths.

We Are All Valuable- Rocket, the raccoon voiced by Bradley Cooper, spends the movie defending his identity.  As they walk through the prison, he says, “I’m the only me.”

You can see this fact two ways. Rocket is a torn character.  He says he didn’t ask to be the way he was.  In the end, he turns from a cynical outlaw to a hero fighting to protect those he looked down on in the beginning of the movie.  He embraced his uniqueness and what it offered.

We Need to Know Our True Father- Spoiler alert, though I doubt anyone hasn’t seen this film yet.  In the climactic scene, Star-Lord grabs the infinity stone.  The stone is an object of great power. He is able to hold onto it when everyone else who attempted the same had died.

We find out that Star-Lord isn’t totally human.  His father, not from this world, gave him an extra-terrestrial bloodline that enabled him to do great things and save the day.

We can forget our lineage as we face our struggles.  We are called to better things, to a world of living out our divine purpose.  We must never forget our creator and that we are only visitors here.

Groot, the living tree voiced by Vin Diesel, only has one line of dialogue.  He says, “I am Groot,” though this shifts slightly in the climactic scene.

This week, you can borrow Groot’s line and fill in the blank.

I am saved. I am free.  I am a new creation. I am beautiful. I am called to greater things.

I am a child of God.


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