Bring Back Fair Play

The Super Bowl used to mean something for me.  Growing up, we would gather at my grandmother’s house, have dinner, and watch the game. This year, as we near the game, a headline came across my sports apps asking, out of Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll, which one would you rather have as a role model?

For those of you unfamiliar with the game, Belichick is the coach of the New England Patriots and Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks.  Both men have their teams at the top of the league.  Both have instances of cheating in their past.

Belichick was involved in a scandal with an employee of the Patriots taping the opposition’s practices and, of course, Deflate Gate after the AFC championship game against the Colts.  Carroll escaped coaching USC‘s football team in the midst of a large amount of sanctions for recruiting violations.


Photo Credit: Greg Marshall via Compfight cc

To answer the original question of the article, I think I’ll pass on both as role models.

The issue really encapsulates one of the prime struggles we have as fathers. We start early measuring our sons against their peers, much in the same way we were measured against ours.  The drive to win manifests when they square off crawling across the carpet.

I look at Carter and Aiden and wonder about the competitions coming in their future. Where will they find their self worth?

I pray that they’ll be willing to take the hard road, to avoid the easy path especially when it can be gained through cheating. I pray that they’ll be gentlemen, with personal and professional standards.

For the journey and the struggle are worth it. Nothing good comes easily and, as fathers, we must teach the value of the fight. We must make sure our boys know they will never walk alone.

Because one day we won’t be there, but our spirits, and our voices will, even if they are born in memories.


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