I don’t know about you but, so far, this week has beaten me up thoroughly on all fronts.  It is only Wednesday but, I’m dragging. As parents we find ourselves in this position more often than we’d like to admit.

As a married couple, we grow to treasure the chance to rest together, sit on the couch, and watch mindless television.  The routine waits with opened, warm, and comfortable arms.

What if there was more?


Photo Credit: koliru via Compfight cc

I have a challenge for you.  Find someone this week and be their catalyst. Offer them needed encouragement. Tell them to chase their dream and overcome their doubts.

I believe we are called to be someone’s match, to light the fire in their souls and free them to chase their divine calling.

Jesus told his followers to go forth and make disciples of all the nations.  Paul traveled his world teaching the message he had been given when he was struck blind on the Damascus Road. The disciples would all face death for their efforts in carrying out their commission.

Their fires lit them throughout lives that forever changed the world.

So what does that mean to us? I believed we are called to an active faith, to a purpose beyond visiting a church for an hour or so a week.  We are made to move, to follow, to pick up our cross and carry it forward.

Find someone who needs a kind word and send them a text message. Look for a local outreach and volunteer. Tell your spouse that they should follow their calling, go back to school, consider that career change that would make them happy, and listen to the cry of their hearts.

We owe it to each other. We owe it to our communities. We owe it to our world.  Imagine if we were on the same page? Imagine if we started a movement of encouragement, inspiration, real compassion and support.

If we stepped out in faith, together, no mountain would be too big to move.

Find one person to impact this week, in the next four days, and let the movement begin.


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