Do We Want to be Free?

Yesterday, author Donald Miller posted this status update on his Facebook page:

I’ve never known a religion that wasn’t trying to control people. And the only God I’ve known is trying to set people free.

Miller has written multiple books including the classic, Blue Like Jazz. While I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, this pair of sentences hit home with me and, as you can imagine, set off some fiery reactions.

We tend to forget about freedom.

What controls your life? Make a quick list.

~Money, time, bills, kids, groceries, stress, worry, the future, the past, family members, taxes, your physical health, etc.

Does your job control your life? Your addiction?

Your church?


Photo Credit: Jill Clardy via Compfight cc

We like to create boxes for ourselves. We fill in the blanks and shape our identity.  Control, though, is a different story.

We exert control in different forms.  We run. We reward ourselves. We punish in positive and negative ways (your body may not want the mile run but it will be worth it in the end).

We think, if we can just do X we can get Y.

So what is a free life? A life of freedom is:

Grace to live without guilt.

Love to overflow into others.

Serving our community.

Sacrificing our needs for those who need more.

Freedom is power. Freedom is responsibility. It is a weight off our shoulders.

As I type this, my shoulders are heavy.  I was up until 4 a.m. last night with Aiden.  Work was busy. Night has fallen and, again, I’ll pray he sleeps.

I rocked him last night and, two hours into it, he looked up at me and said, “Hi daddy.”

Sometimes we forget that, in our midnights, we are held by hands greater than our own, that we can look up and see our Creator, even just to smile and say hello.

Aiden eventually gave in and slept.  Why do we fight so hard to do the same?



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