The Power of Permission

Our lives are based around the concept of permission. Whether or not we know it, we constantly allow other people and forces to be influential. We accept this as reality.

Change happens when we stop allowing the darkness to effect us and we permit ourselves to start on a new path.

This is the dance of denial and permission.


Photo Credit: rknickme via Compfight cc


Those who change the world step out against the status quot. They fight the tide. They have a dissenting opinion.

Jesus tells us he has overcome the world. As believers, we are to follow his path of resistance. We are to love well, deeply, and radically. We are to stand up for those who cannot and give voices to ones without strength to open their mouth.


Some people spend their entire lives waiting for permission. Our children grow their trust and understanding as they watch our cues.

Our spouses treasure our encouragement. When was the last time you told your partner to go and chase their dream?

As a man, I struggle with both of these at times. As a writer, I throw my words into the wind on faith that they will make a difference for someone who catches them.  As a husband, I should lift Val up more often.

As a father, I can get annoyed when Carter asks me to do something new, especially at the end of a long day.

No flows easier than Yes at times.

If you are reading this tonight, I pray it stirs something inside. I believe we are all called to change our world, to find the power of permission, to stand up against the forces around us and make a difference.

So, as Nike says:

Just Do it.


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