Get Back In Line

It was an illustration I would hear more than once.  I’d spent the last six months deep in research, interviews, and writing of my book on the battle against poverty.

I’d asked more than one person about job creation and received this answer from two local government officials and a CEO.

“You know why Google won’t build a plant here?  We don’t have the educated population to work in it.”

When a business would research this area, they’d pull up statistics on education.  If there were not enough workers with a relevant foundation, the businesses would pass and move on to a new location.

This fact is why articles like this get me fired up.

The’s article is titled, If We Put an End to Corporate Welfare, College Tuition Could Be Free.

They use the state of Louisiana as an example.  Governor Bobby Jindal, since 2008, has provided more than $11 billion in corporate tax breaks while making the largest education cuts in the country. If recent proposed cuts pass, LSU could be force to close campuses and lay off thousands of employees.

He is not alone.  We, as a country, have skewed our priorities.


Photo Credit: Lawrence OP via Compfight cc

The article makes their final point in damning precision, “states provide $80 billion in tax cuts annually while the combined tuition of all public colleges amounted to $60 billion.

Shift the money and you have tuition free higher education.

You change a workforce in need of a foundation, reinforcement, and self improvement.  You open the door to those in poverty unable to afford schooling for their children.

I have two boys. One will reach college in eleven years and one in fifteen years.  At the current inflation rate for tuition, this is a scary thought.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be.

The time to change is now.



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