For My Wife or What I Learned Standing in Line at Ulta


By the time to you read this, you’ll have the gift card in hand.  The boys will be watching a movie and you’ll probably see this alert as you’re playing a game of Word Chums on your cell phone.

This morning the line at Ulta was barely moving and, as Aiden watched YouTube videos on my phone, I had a revelation and some things I needed to tell you.

First, I’m sorry for the pressure. Sorry for the days of crazy kids and a living room that will never stay clean.  It is okay, trust me. The battle will continue and, for a few years, never have a winner. You do your best and I don’t tell you enough how much that means us.

Second, I’m sorry for the pressure. I’m sorry that beauty products cost so much and you can’t flip through an internet page without getting blasted with images trying to convince you that you aren’t perfect, trying to hold you up to the standard of the current celebrity or fitness model of the minute.

You are perfect to me.

Thank you for being an amazing wife and mother. I remember the girl I met when she was just a teenager and told me that I had a nice haircut across the registers at the local grocery store where we worked.  That conversation changed my life fifteen years ago and, from there, we’ve had eight years of marriage and two amazing children.

Thank you for tolerating me and the boys, when the line between them and me seems a little too thin. Thank you for working nights at the salon after a full day with Aiden and, somehow, coming home with a smile on your face.

Thank you for changing my life.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you.


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