Why I Believe

I’ve seen the beauty of a sunrise over the ocean.
I’ve seen the beauty of a sunset over a baseball field
I’ve held my sons just after they were born, looked into their eyes and understood.
I’ve suffered and found meaning
I’ve succeeded and found joy
I’ve gotten lost in a guitar solo
And a good book
I’ve spoken to a homeless man happy to have a bed for the night
I’ve seen the impact of death on parents, relatives, and friends
I’ve seen myself in my father’s eyes
I deeply and passionately love a woman who completes my sentences and my soul
I’ve cried in laughter
I’ve felt the electricity in a changed and charged heart
I’ve heard the stories.


What do I believe?

I believe love can change the world
I believe we can join hands across lines
I believe violence is not the answer
I believe in innocence
I believe in life after death
I believe we are here to serve
I believe in a hand up, not a hand out
I believe sin can be a window or a mirror
I believe the playing field should be level
I believe in young leaders with revolutionary ideas
I believe that Good is not Dead
I believe It is Worth It

I believe in a faith that can shatter preconceptions, create love from hate, build bridges, and give hope and strength to the person who feels they can’t get up in the morning.

I believe in difficult conversations held in a public forum where every voice is heard, from the loudest scream to the softest whisper.

I believe






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