Mid Week Inspiration and a Free Book

Hope can be found at the intersection of

My name is Matt Shaner. I am a believer, writer, husband, and father. I’ve published thirty short stories, two novellas, and two novels. I’ve completed my MFA in Creative Writing at Fairfield University and I want to help you:

~Find an audience.

~Break the through the “Mainstream” lines that hold back Faith-based stories

~Get your writing taken seriously in traditional or self-publishing environments.

Lazarus Art is a book with four concise and valuable lessons to enhance your writing. Taking inspiration from the Biblical story of Lazarus, it will motivate you to find new life in your creative efforts.

Lazarus Art is available for download for free from Amazon.com. This special is running for the next five days.  It’s the perfect chance to check out my work and share it with anyone you know looking to take their writing to the next level.

Lazarus Art

You can download it by clicking here.