Fire Words Week: The Way

I’m back from a weekend at the beach and ready to start with some fresh and exciting material. This is the first night in a series about the words we use that start fires in our lives; personally, professionally, or spiritually.  They are the expressions that polarize the world. Each post will be mixed with some great music so check it out and enjoy!

Carter and I just spent two days in Millsboro, Delaware visiting my dad. The town is near the bottom of the state and we survived a pair of long car rides.

We were in the yard throwing Carter a wiffle ball to hit with one of the old-school yellow bats.  He loves baseball and dad and I were both working with him on his batting stance.  At one point he said, “Just let me do it my way.”

In six words he inspired and captured so much of the dynamic between fathers and sons.


We are not living in a world that enjoys singular answers.  We want our paths multiple and divided. We want independence.

Later on Saturday night we were fishing off the dock behind my dad’s house, three generations together throwing fishing lures into a lake as the night breeze pushed the smell of blossoms across our faces.  As writers do, I started thinking.

Our paths are connected, three men born across generations with different memories and experiences. We pass down a part of our souls.  There are things I say that sound exactly like my dad and Carter will come out with phrases from both of us.

He may want his own way and he will find it one day.  Until then, he will discover himself and negotiate the connection between his past and the future.

Jesus says, straight out, I am the way.

So, how do we handle it when asked about our faith?

I take a clue from Carter.  Sometimes, the clearest thing to do is say “this is my way.” Words carry weight and power. Own your faith.  Step out and you’ll see the connections and lives change in the process.


Worship Song Inspiration: I am a huge fan of this song and the work of Worship Central.  Listen once and you’ll be hooked!