Your First Step

We mark our lives in lines. They come with good and bad events, lows and highs. You are driving one day and the tire goes flat or the car battery dies. You are at the gym with your wife and she passes out (happened when I was in college with Val). These things tend to come in waves, one after another, until you are looking up at the ceiling at midnight wondering what happened.

One of my goals with P356 was to help people who have hit bottom. I lost a full time job in 2008, one of the millions of workers who met the same fate on the heels of the most recent Great Depression. Carter was six months old at the time and we had just settled into our first home.

It took years, steps, job changes, and faith to see some daylight.

Never stop looking for

Another goal of P356 is to offer my publications and services on a Pay What You Want platform.  Today marks the first part of the journey as I’m releasing, Your First Step: 10 Keys for Survival When Everything Falls Apart on the Gumroad platform. Gumroad allows creatives to offer products like books, music, and physical creations like shirts and crafts on a Pay What You Want platform.

Your First Step is a quick guide for anyone who has hit bottom.  It is written and designed to be read and passed around to friends or relatives, anyone who could use a moment of inspiration. If you like it, it is yours for free.  If you feel like it provides value, feel free to contribute any amount you see fit.

I will be gradually moving all created work from P356 Creative Services to this platform.  For now, Your First Step is our first step. Check it out and let me know what you think. You’ll find it at the link below.