Special Victims Unit

After a few heavier posts, I wanted to change it up a bit for tonight:

Ever since dropping cable, Val and I have used Netflix and Amazon Streaming for our television.  Our current binge watching show is Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.  Law & Order is a classic television show franchise and we are loving this version.  Producer Dick Wolf has led some of the best work on television over the past few decades and this is no different.

My favorite character is ADA Rafael Barba, played by actor Raul Esparza. Barba is quick, dramatic, and to the point.  He’s the lawyer I’d imagine myself as if I’d gone to law school back in the day.


We read, in Scripture, references to an advocate.  We read of an accuser, the battle of good and evil played out in the cosmic courtroom that stretches across Heaven. Jesus tells us to ask and seek and know that you will find.

So are you asking God?

I don’t mean our spit ball prayers that we ask at the drop of a hat.  I mean, are you on your knees lifting up a need and, on the other side, letting it go? How often do we hold on? How often do we ask and grasp and say “yeah we trust just let it happen our way?”

Last night I met with my friend Gwen Didden, head of Family Promise in Berks County and founder of the Palace Project.  We had this exact conversation and it led to some powerful revelations. There are good things in the works personally, spiritually, and professionally that I will share more details about as they unfold.

For tonight, think about your petitions, your desires, about what could change  your life forever. Picture it now and know it is possible.  Whatever it may be.  We are all Special Victims. We’ve suffered and struggled. We’ve felt the sting of pain and discomfort, the weight of fear on many fronts. If you are in that dark place, know that the story isn’t over.

We are at the start, in the first days, and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

Until then, keep the faith.  Take it a step at a time.  The end is worth it, I promise.


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