Dead Inside

Muse is probably my favorite band.  The trio, consisting of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard, formed in 1994.  Their first song I remember hearing was “Time Is Running Out”.  I picked up the album with that single in high school and played it to death in my first car.

They recently released Drones, their first record to hit number 1. Val got it for me for my birthday and I’m loving the entire thing. Bellamy has been interviewed saying the album is autobiographical. The first big track from it is titled, “Dead Inside.” You can see the video here:

At first listen, the meaning is clear.  Bellamy had dated actress Kate Hudson for a few years, ending the relationship during the making of the album.  The lyrics are the story of a toxic relationship.  He sings of giving everything and being unable to give anymore, of a love seeming ablaze and alive, but being dead inside.

The dance in the music video is symbolic.  The female dancer plays the dark half of the relationship that, after struggle and pain, takes over.  Innocence dies.

How many of us live like this?

We chase passions and pursuits. We find targets that seem necessary. Our views of success shift. Our influences change.   We read, in Ecclesiastes, of Solomon saying that everything is meaningless.  He had every need met a thousand times over, but it didn’t matter.

Jesus tells us to switch the equation. To be Dead Outside.  To die to ourselves on a daily basis.

What matters now is the inside, where we stand in the grace of salvation found in Jesus. The passion we have is for others.  Our giving and service is what makes us ablaze and alive.

This week ask yourself what you can do to switch the equation and make a difference in your marriage, family, and community.


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