Writing Your Legend

If you don’t follow Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on Instagram, start doing so today. He’s entertaining, funny, in shape like a superhero, and an overall genuine guy. Last night I watched his version of Hercules.

I had wanted to see it as when Johnson was shooting the film he posted numerous behind the scenes pics and stories.

In the movie, the director takes a different shot at the usual Mythological Epic. We are given a hero who may, or may not, have lived up to his hype.  He’s at the end of his career working as a mercenary taking out the bad guys for gold. There is a constant interplay between the truth and the stories that set up the truth.

A character asks Johnson, in one of the pivotal scenes, “What do you believe?” He is forced to come to terms with the truth about his life. The legend, and the man, must become one.


Our roles, as we define them, come with our own legends.  What does it mean to be a father, mother, son, daughter? Employee or supervisor?  What does it mean to be successful?

We hold ourselves up against the image we project. If we do this for too long we end up worn down.

Your coworkers see the supervisor, the sixty-hour week, the large house and luxury car–You see your parents calling you a failure.

Your husband sees a spouse in great shape that has it all together–You look in the mirror and fight to melt away the “imperfections” with just one more hour on the treadmill.

Your son sees a hero–You can’t escape the anxiety that you are getting this parenting thing wrong so hiding behind a cell phone screen is the only way to make it through.

When the self inside doesn’t match up with the self outside, chaos reigns.

Join me and make a goal this fall to get back in balance, to simplify, to strip away the excess in life and gain a clear direction. Know that your story isn’t over. The legend can be the truth.  Start a new journey. Pick up the pen and turn to a blank page.

Your path is waiting…