To Be or Not To Be

At the library this week, I picked up an amazing book titled Getting There by Gillian Zoe Segal. The book itself is a series of interviews with prominent businessmen and women, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and other members of society.  Each one tells their stories and offers advice for the reader.

In the section for Jim Koch, head of The Boston Beer Company, he mentions having a message from his secretary posted on his wall.  The message was a phrase “Call back on Monday.” Koch says that it was from a young man who had called his office on a Friday.  He had said he would call back and, that weekend, had a heart attack and died.

Koch’s point was simple.  Don’t put anything off because you have no idea if you’ll have Monday.  You never know when your time is up.


What if this week was it? What if you had another four days to get done something important from your bucket list? What kind of conversations would you have? Where would you go?

Say it is not four days, but four years?

I’m praying for clarity in this season of our lives and it has led to some interesting developments, revelations, and expansion. Because why not roll the dice?

Segal’s book has inspired me on more than one level and I recommend it to anyone looking for the same. The risk is not taking one at all, not stepping into the path God has laid out for you and living a lukewarm alternative. You can go through the motions or you can be the father, mother, husband, wife, leader and mentor you are destined to become.

It is intimidating. In the quiet moments remember the faith we follow.

This week I also watched the trailer to the upcoming film Risen.  You can see it below.  When you consider the one who has conquered death, the choice isn’t as hard as it seems. Turn away from fear, stand up, and change your world this week.