Help Yourself

Shopping on Amazon is almost too easy. In a few clicks you can find whatever book, movie, tech product, or toy you want. You’ll find recommendations and different price levels. Take the app to any retail store and you can scan items to see their immediate price on the website.

One of my favorite features is reading customer reviews.  Now, not all are honest. Sellers will pay people for reviews.  Even with this understanding, you’ll often find some interesting observations and consistencies.

Today I was reading a review of Pastor Steven Furtick’s book, (Un)Qualified. The guy wrote that the book was merely a combination of Furtick’s podcasts and reformatted stories from his prior publications.

His final line was this, “Do Christians really need another self-help book anyway?”


Today was Opening Day for Carter’s baseball team.  I stood with the kids talking to another coach.  He is also the field commissioner for the league and spends a ton of time keeping them in shape.

As we watched, kids and parents crossed around us, all sinking deep into the dirt infield, now mud, created from a wet Saturday. He looked at me and said, “I wish I could say something.  I’m going to have to fix all this.”

Do we need another self-help book?

It depends on how you see your faith. At this point in life, I’m a work in progress.  Our family is a work in progress and I know Val and I have a ton of growing to do as a couple and parents. Personally, I find value in the work of speakers and writers holding up the mirror to life, telling me how to avoid sinking into the mud and how to climb my way out.

There is still a mystery of faith.

There are still many why’s waiting for answers.

There are still days I wake up wondering how much longer until the tide turns and the trajectory of life shifts.

So I guess maybe some people who follow Jesus feel they don’t need any more self-help books. Their lives are fine and they are secure. Someday I’ll join that club, even if it is day I do it in heaven.

Until then, let the work commence.  Tomorrow is a fresh start for different and better things.


3 thoughts on “Help Yourself”

  1. Hey Matt, The guy that wrote that reviews way off from where I am at least. I have the book, I’ve seen Pastor Steven talk about the topic live and it speaks to me every time. I’m heading into a crazy ministry journey (church plant) and the book came out at the perfect time. I agree with you that listening to speakers and pastors who speak about real life stuff is way more applicable to my life than assuming that I have it all together. Because we all know, one day you may have it together but then the next day the rug gets pulled out from under you.

    Thanks for writing!

    1. Hi Carly,

      Thank you for your kind words and comment. I’d love to see Pastor Furtick live one day and maybe that will happen soon. Good luck with the plant. You’ll be in my prayers! I’ve been dealing with defining my faith and praying for more depth. It comes with the ups and down, struggles and heartaches. We need to push it and do things that may seem crazy, like a church plant! If you’d ever want to guest post anything about your story, I’d love to share it on here. Just let me know. Have a great weekend!


      1. Yes, crazy things take big faith! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers, I understand now more than ever how important it is to have people interceding for you. Would love to do a guest spot one day & would love to share your story through mine as well. Let’s connect and make it happen. 🙂

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