What Will You Do

“Faith calls you a conqueror when all you’ve ever known is defeat, then waits to see what you’re gonna do about it.”

~Pastor Steven Furtick

I downloaded Furtick’s latest podcast and the above line has stuck in my head since listening to it while running last night. I’ve been wrestling with the idea of faith, praying for new revelation and insight, depth and inspiration.

In his message, Furtick, pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina, expands on the idea.  Faith flies against the norm. It calls you to something you never thought you could do.

It is a life pushing against society:

Love over Hate, Humility over Pride, Service over Selfishness, Giving over Receiving.

Peace. Joy. Hope.

It is knowing that things can be different and the time to start is now. It is a new challenge and new life trajectory when we make it part of our soul.

It is daily fuel for the journey to change the world.



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