New Publications

Here’s where you can find my most recent publications. A portion of the proceeds from any sales will be donated to P356’s community partners.

Lazarus Art

Lazarus Art: For too long the world of Christian writing has found itself in the margins. It is time to reach for a higher standard of creation. Using the Biblical story of Lazarus for inspiration, this book examines three critical areas for improvement and challenges writers of all levels to push themselves deeper into their work. Christian writing can change with some valuable first steps and find itself with new and greater audiences. The time to change is now.

I believe it is time for Christian writing and art to make an impact and cross into the mainstream. Inspired by a social media post examining the poor quality of Christian films, this e-book is focused on practical ways to improve our writing, throw off self-imposed limitations, and raise it to a higher calling. You can get it here.


You can find my article, Turning the Tide on the War on Poverty in RELEVANT Magazine’s Reject Apathy section.  It was published on Friday, March 20th, 2015. It details some background on the church’s efforts to fight the war on poverty and what can be done to make a difference. Holistic change is possible if we take a hard look at ourselves and our actions. Great things are happening and it is a blessing to be a part of the movement.



Wing Night: “The role of men has changed over the years. You watch the news and see all levels of negativity. Crime flows out of families with absent fathers. We get caught in the routine of work, home, dinner, bed, and do it again five days a week or more. We are drained looking in the mirror every morning to face down a new day and it is so much easier to just keep moving and not engage.
Want to know the truth?
Nothing worth it is easy and there is hope.
Our families and marriages can be transformed. I believe a revolution is waiting and men willing to take a hard look at themselves can change their communities and the world.”

My first devotional published through P356.  This is a devotional for men with sections covering marriage, family, and faith. You can pick up the book here.  Please check it out and feel free to leave a review. Your purchase helps support local organizations working to fight poverty and improve the lives of families.


The City: “Byron and Poe are two friends in the midst of a revolution. The United States is now one large city spanning the entire eastern coastline. The government provides for all except those unwilling to conform. Poe must choose to follow the crowd and maintain his life, or follow his friend who grows more unstable by the day. His actions will change the the future as they know it. Finally, a secret is revealed that sends Poe on a new path and reveals the depth of darkness that hides behind the great walls of the City.

My first science fiction novel.  This story was inspired by a future world of oppressive government, revolution, and the choices we make that have consequences reaching far beyond our influence.

You can find the digital version here and the paperback version here.

Life After Death: A peaceful drive cross-country to a new life leads to a horrific car accident. In the middle of the fire and destruction, a man stands confused watching his body loaded into an ambulance. He meets his guide and receives instructions that he must complete before he can find peace. Thus starts a journey driven by his determination to see the love of his life one final time. On this journey, he is not alone. A battle is forming, lines are being drawn, and he finds himself in the middle of the fight for his very existence with forces beyond his control.”

A novella inspired by The Sixth Sense and published by Eternal Press, this was a fun story to write.  I still get questions about the ending! You can pick it up here.

The Reserve: “Our neighbors are living so close every day and yet do we really know them? Buying a dream house leads to a path of conflict and tragedy for a young couple. The houses in their development hide secrets. The secrets overwhelm and control their lives. The fallout is one they will never forget.”

My first novel publication through Eternal Press. This is a story of crime, conflict and lives destroyed when a line is crossed and you cannot go back. You pick it up here in digital and print forms.

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